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Please note that recorded sessions will be available the Tuesday after the scheduled rounds.

September 2017 to June 2018

Thurs Sept 7
Delivering an Academic Model in Global Women's Health
Dr Astrid Christoffersen-DebPlay Recording
Wed Sept 13Medical Ethics in Obstetrics and Gynecology
David UngerPlay Recording
Tues Sept 19Play Recording
Wed Sept 20New Insights on Endometrial Receptivity
Dr Gary NakhudaPlay Recording
Thurs Sept 21Re-evaluation of Clinic Versus Ambulatory Blood Pressure in Pregnancy (RECAPP)
Dr Karen Tran [no recording]
Thurs Sept 28Updated Emergency Colour Code Procedures and Emergency Number
Alexandra SojoPlay Recording
Wed Oct 11Cardiac Disease in Pregnancy
Dr. Jasmine GrewalPlay Recording
Wed Oct 18Long Term Consequences of Ovarian Suppression in the Management of Premenopausal Breast Cancer - Dr. Janice KwonPlay Recording
Thurs Oct 19Forceps, vacuum or cesarean? Evaluating mode of delivery options following an arrest in labour
Giulia MuracaPlay Recording
Thurs Oct 26Waiting is Not Easy! - Delayed Cord Clamping
Dr Deepak ManhasPlay Recording
Tues Oct 31Case Presentation: Primary Amenorrhea - Interactive Discussion
Dr Sheila PridePlay Recording
Wed Nov 8Myocardial Injury in Non-cardiac surgery: what does this mean for gynecologists?
Dr. May SanaeePlay Recording
Thurs Nov 9Menopause: Myths, Realities and Practicalities
Dr Denise BlackPlay Recording
Wed Nov 15Invasive Group A Strep in Obstetrics and Gynecology - Dr. Julie van SchalkwykPlay Recording
Thurs Nov 23The Second Stage of Labour: The Facts, the Myths ... and the Opinions
Dr Janet LyonsPlay Recording
Tues Nov 28Tubal Factor Infertility
Dr Adrienne McKercher, OBGYN Resident R3Play Recording
Thurs Nov 30World AIDS Day 2017: Successes & Challenges for Women & Children with HIV
First Elder Roberta Price, Dr Neora Pick, Dr Deborah Money, Dr Ariane Alimenti, Dr Laura SauvePlay Recording
Thurs Dec 7Optimizing the Prevention and Treatment of OASIS
Dr Geoffrey Cundiff Play Recording
Wed Dec 13Critical Care Issues during Pregnancy
Dr. Ken Kaila
Thurs Dec 14The OPSiP Study: Can probiotics reduce GBS colonization in pregnant women? An upcoming RCT
Dr Beth Payne, Kelly HayesPlay Recording
Wed Jan 10ERAS for Gynecologic Surgery Update
Dr. Jill OsbornPlay Recording
Thurs Jan 11Hyperemesis: A Patients Perspective
Dr Ellen Giesbrecht and guestPlay Recording
Wed Jan 17Choice and Pregnancy of Unknown Location: Difference in the PUL Protocol between the Maternity Clinic and the Abortion Clinic
Drs. Renee Hall, Danielle D'Aleo & Brigid DineleyPlay Recording
Thurs Jan 18Youth Pregnancy & Parenting Program: A Review of Multi-Disciplinary Adolescent Obstetrical Care
Dr Nicole Todd, Dr Dimithra Hippola, Karen DunnPlay Recording
Thurs Jan 25The Maternal Microbiome Legacy Project: An upcoming study to define the role of the maternal vaginal microbiomes on the infant gut microbiome
Dr Deborah MoneyPlay Recording
Thurs Feb 1Indigenous Cultural Safety/In Practice
Jenny Morgan, Patricia Birch Play Recording
Tues, Feb 6Physiology of Menopause
Dr Tim RowePlay Recording
Thurs, Feb 8Advocacy in Obstetrics and Gynecology, with a discussion on his latest best-selling book "Life's Work: A Moral Argument for Choice"
Dr Willie J ParkerPlay Recording
Wed, Feb 14Surgical Site Infection (SSI) rates and update on SSI surveillance and antibiotic prophylaxis initiatives
Dr. Victor Leung, Mary McNaughton, Elisa Lloyd-SmithPlay Recording
Thurs, Feb 15Immediate Post-partum IUD (IPP-IUD) Insertion
Dr Sheila WithPlay Recording
Tues, Feb 20Fertility Preservation for Female Cancer Patient
Dr Jeff RobertsPlay Recording
Thurs, Feb 22Latest Developments in Stem Cell Therapies
Dr Ian RogersPlay Recording
Tues, Feb 27Thyroid Autoimmunity: Time for another look at thyroid autoantibodies in fertility care
Dr Mary Ellen ConwayPlay Recording
Thurs, Mar 1Key driver diagram, KASH model and sustainability in successful quality improvement programs
Dr Sandesh ShivanandaPlay Recording
Tues, Mar 6Hypothalamic Amenorrhea in Runners
Dr Kate SmithPlay Recording
Thurs, Mar 8Hysterectomy for Chronic Pelvic Pain: Is it hype or the best hope?
Dr Sawson As-SaniePlay Recording
Wed, Mar 14Competency by Design
Dr Jagdeep UbhiPlay Recording
Thurs, Mar 15Improving the Health Sector Response to Gender-based Violence
Ann Pederson, Kate RossiterPlay Recording
Thurs, Mar 22Antenatal Corticosteroids for Prevention of Neonatal Morbidity and Mortality: A preview of the new SOGC guidelines
Dr Amanda SkollPlay Recording
Tues, Mar 27Update on the management of recurrent unexplained pregnancy loss
Dr Mohamed BedaiwyPlay Recording
Thurs, Mar 29Messages from Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Death and Morbidity: What are the next big challenges to address in maternity care?
Prof. Marian Knight (Oxford)Play Recording
Thurs, Apr 5Trauma Informed Practice
Dr Jennifer RusselPlay Recording
Tues, Apr 10Unexplained Fertility
Dr Jeff RobertsPlay Recording
Wed, Apr 11Challenging Hematologic Issues in Obstetric Patients
Dr Karen L. DallasPlay Recording
Thurs, Apr 12Pelvic Lectureship: Laparoscopic Dissection of Pelvic Nerves and it's Clinical Applications
Dr Nucelio LemosPlay Recording
Tues, Apr 17Reproductive Aging: Advances and Controversies
Dr Mohamed BedaiwyPlay Recording
Thurs, Apr 19The Role of Health Care Providers in Discussin Substance Use with Women in the Preconception and Perinatal Period
Nancy Poole Play Recording
Tues, May 1Gamete transfer, fertilization and implantation
Dr. Niamh TallonPlay Recording
Thurs, May 3Medical-Legal Issues and Case Study
Cameron Elder, Joel Morris (HarperGrey)Play Recording
Tues, May 8Infertility or Sexual Disorder(s)?
Dr. Rosemary BassonPlay Recording
Wed, May 9Birthing Room “Fixer Upper”: Why Design Matters
Lisa Sutherland BA, RM, IBCLC, Clinical Faculty UBC, Board Member Midwives Association of BCPlay Recording
Thurs, May 10BC Pregnancy Related Mortality Review: Embracing Care at Home
Dr Petra Selke, Dr Jayson PottsPlay Recording
Wed, May 16Alternatives to Hysterectomy for Noncancerous Uterine Conditions: What does the evidence tell us?
Dr Lee A. LearmanPlay Recording
Tues, May 22The Role of Surgery in Infertility Treatment
Dr. Jon HavelockPlay Recording
Thurs, May 24PRE-EMPT Global Trials' Results
Dr Peter von DadelzenPlay Recording
Tues, May 29The role of androgen supplementation in poor responder IVF cycles
Dr. Riki DayanPlay Recording

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