Wellness News

Sign Up for the Next Cohort of the UBC OBGYN Leadership Training Program – Coming Spring 2019
January 7, 2019Contact bchami@providencehealth.bc.ca to register for the next session of the UBC OBGYN Leadership Training Program. Read More >

Physicians in Search of a Family Doctor
December 11, 2018Are you an unattached physician looking for a family doctor? If so, the Physician Health Program of British Columbia wants to help find you a family doctor! Please contact: d4d@physicianhealth.com or (604) 398-4300 Read More >

Match with a Mentor Today in the UBC OBGYN Mentorship Program
November 6, 2018The UBC OBGYN Mentorship Program’s vision is to pair faculty members seeking mentorship with appropriate mentors interested in learning more about the following areas: clinical, education, research, and leadership. Become a faculty mentor. Click here to complete your mentor application! Become a mentee. Click here to complete your mentee application! Contact Beata for more details. Read More >

International Physician Wellness Conference
October 15, 2018In October, the department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology had the opportunity to present its Wellness Program and research at the International Physician Wellness Conference in Toronto, Ontario. It was a fun-filled conference, where a number of ideas and new innovations were learned. Stay tuned for our upcoming wellness programs and events! Read More >

Wellness Spotlight: Dr. Geoffrey Cundiff
October 3, 2018The department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology sat down with Dr. Geoffrey Cundiff, the head of the department to learn about how he incorporates wellness in his daily life.  Why is wellness important to you and as department head, why is it an initiative that you’ve decided to prioritize? Wellness is a personal priority for me. […] Read More >

Mindfulness Meditation – Tips & Tricks
September 7, 2018There are many ways to engage in mindfulness: going on walks, exercise, or even cleaning around the house (any task that will distract you from the cycle of your thoughts!) One way of engaging in mindfulness is through meditation. Below are some tips that can assist with your meditation practice: Physical Components of Meditation Body […] Read More >

Leadership Training Program
August 30, 2018Leadership Development Training Open to all Faculty Our vision The UBC Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology’s vision is to provide faculty with leadership training that addresses a variety of skills, from administrative to soft-skills training. We are currently piloting a Leadership Training Program for new and future leaders within the department beginning on Thursday, September […] Read More >

Wellness Ideas
May 25, 2018Have any ideas about wellness? The UBC department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology is open to your insight! Contact Beata Chami (bchami@providencehealth.bc.ca) for more details! Read More >

Wellness Virtual Advisory Committee
April 6, 2018We are currently recruiting members for our Wellness Virtual Advisory Committee. If you are interested in having a say in the wellness initiatives that our department offers, sign up today! Contact Beata for more details. Read More >

Wellness Survey
April 5, 2018Make sure to stay tuned for the UBC Wellness Survey results, which will be sent to your inbox. Read More >