Trainees will work within a multidisciplinary team that includes: gynecologists, psychologists, and pelvic floor physiotherapists. The psychosexual effects of many of these disease processes require the trainees to gain an understanding of the work of colleagues in clinical psychology. The role of physical therapies in the management of vulvodynia is an important aspect of care. The Advanced Training must be undertaken with the supervision of an identified clinical expert to collaborate with the trainee to personalize their learning objectives and arrange for the trainee to attend the appropriate clinics with other colleagues.

The curriculum for this training program consists of:

  • Mandatory rotations in Vulvovaginal Disorders (ambulatory vulvovaginal clinics BC Centre for Vulvar Health
  • Mandatory rotation in Dermatology
  • Elective rotations in Sexual Medicine, Pelvic Pain and Pelvic Physiotherapy
  • Elective rotations in other areas of interest for individual fellows (eg. Chronic Pain, Dermatological Surgery, Plastic Surgery)
  • Bimonthly academic seminars and team multidisciplinary CVH patient rounds
  • Assistance with undergraduate teaching of vulvar diseases
  • Active involvement with the implementation of one main research project
  • Assistance with ongoing research of relevance to the fellow’s training and interests​