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RDS Student Handbook

RDS Student Handbook – 2021-2022

MSc Progress Checklist

PhD Progress Checklist

Supervisory Committees

Student-Supervisor Expectations Checklist

Annual Progress Report Template (supervisory committee meetings)


Comprehensive Examination (PhD): Policies and Procedures

MSc Oral Examination (Defense): Planning Tool

MSc Oral Examination (Defense): Conduct and Chair’s Report

PhD Oral Examination (Defense): Planning Tool
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PhD Oral Examination (Defense): Forms Centre

Departmental Awards

Graduate Student Initiative (GSI) Funding

UBC graduate programs receive funding, termed the Graduate Student Initiative (GSI) allocation, proportional to the number of students in the program. The RDS program uses its GSI allocation for student salary top-ups. All PhD students, and MSc students who achieve ≥ 90% average in their coursework, will receive salary top-ups. The money is paid in 3 installments, at the start of each term. Please see specifics for the distribution criteria below.

Reproductive and Developmental Sciences GSI Award Distribution Criteria